• 1

    Go to the start

    Some racecourses run shuttle buses down to the start (or you can walk) so you can be there for the very beginning of the action. See how the jockeys and handlers keep the horses calm and then watch as they leap from a standstill to full speed in the blink of an eye!

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    Number 2

    Go to the Pre-parade ring

    This is one of the quieter spots at the racecourse and here you can have a really good nosey at the horses before they’re kitted up for the race. Look at the way their different mane colours catch the light (is your favourite a silky black or a rich chestnut?). Watch how the horses are acting – are they hyped up t to get on the track, or are they calm and quiet? You can really get to know a horse here.

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    Pick your favourite horse

    Which is your favourite horse? Maybe you like one because of the way it looks, or because it’s got a cool name. There’s no right or wrong reason to have a preference! Choose your fave and cheer it on throughout the race.

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    Watch a race on the rail

    Get up close to the action by picking the right spot to stand at. Somewhere in between the one furlong marker and the finishing line will give you a great position to not only see the horses running at full speed, but to hear the pounding thud of hooves, too!

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    Number 5

    Watch a race next to a jump

    Lots of racecourses will let you watch a race near a jump. They’re a great place to see just how powerful the horses are – it’s almost as if they can fly! Watch what the jockeys are doing, too. It takes a lot of skill to ride a horse as it sails through the air.

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    Number 6

    Visit the winning post

    A lot of people would say the winning post is the most important part of the track, because this is where the race is won! Here you can cheer your favourite horse home, and if it’s a close finish you can have a go at deciding which horse has won before the official results come through.

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    Number 7

    Go to the winners’ enclosure after the race

    Here you can applaud the winning team and see the lucky owner, trainer and jockey receive their prizes.

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    Jockey Tom MarquandKempton 01.04.17Pic John Hoy-focusonracing.com

    Get a jockey’s autograph

    It’s not all about the horses – don’t forget about the jockeys! Try to catch your favourite jockey as they make their way from the weighing room to the parade ring before the race and ask for an autograph or a cheeky selfie to commemorate your day.